Product name:Electric Hand Capping Machine
Model No:XGB-5
Standard Chucks A standard chuck is an aluminum shell, or cup. A soft urethane or white rubber liner is pressed into the chuck by hand, creating a tight fit between the chuck and liner. During the capping process, the liner contacts the cap and creates the grip with the cap. The capping machine uses the grip generated by the liner to tighten the cap onto the bottle. The role of the chuck is to create a rigid support for the soft and pliable liner while also serving as the means to connect the liner to the capping machine.

Product specifications

 Major Characteristics:

1.    Manual for different size of caps, capping head is changeable. 

2.    Adopts side-wrap capping; variable cap sizes are applicable in one machine,

Suitable for different cap.

3.    Adjustable capping torsion, no damage to the cap surface.

4. Capping head height adjustable. 

5.    Manual Mode and easy to keep and operate.

6.    Fit for screw most of caps.

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