Product name: flexiable filling lines
Model No:AXGZ-SS
bottle unscrambling, filling,capping, labeling and the puck system

Product specifications

The Benefits of this Line Concept at a Glance

One-stop supplier for bottle unscrambling, filling,
capping and labeling  and the puck system

·         Covers output ranges from approx. 1800 up to approx. 2400 bottles per hour

·         Standard program structure and user-friendly interface

·         Consistent application of the puck system

·         Safe and cautious bottle transport in pucks

·         High functional reliability and efficiency

·         Rapid format change-over times

·         Minimal format costs

·         Short delivery times

The following products can be processed by our flexible filling lines depending on bottle and cap versions:

·         Bottles from approx. 20 up to 1.000 ml

·         Highly liquid up to viscous or foaming products

·         2-phase products

·         Roll-on deodorant

·         Screw- and press-on caps

·         Orientation caps

·         Plugs, droppers, roll-on ball fitments

·         Oblique seat caps

·         Dosing- and spray-pumps

·         Small trigger pumps


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