Product name:Filling—Capping—Sealing—Labeling Production Line
Model No:
Product Description Our machines have especially been designed to fit the needs of the cosmetics, the pharmaceutical, and the chemical and, the food industry. One-stop supplier for bottle unscrambling, filling, capping and labeling System Covers output ranges from approx. 1.500 up to approx. 4.500 bottles per hour Standard program structure and user-friendly interface Consistent application of the Puck System Safe and cautious bottle transport in Pucks High functional reliability and efficiency Rapid format change-over times Minimal format costs Short delivery times Seal of quality “Germany” The following products can be processed by our flexible filling lines depending on their version: Bottles from approx. 20 up to 1.000 ml Highly liquid up to viscous or foaming products 2-phase products 2-color products Roll-on deodorant Screw- and press-on caps Orientation caps Plugs, droppers, roll-on ball fitments Oblique seat caps Dosing- and spray-pumps Small trigger pumps Tottles Choose the filling method according to the filling material Choose the capping machine according to the customer's cap design Choose the labeling method according to the shape of the bottle

Product specifications

Machines included:

1-12 Heads piston Filling Machine, Cap Sorting Elevator, Spindle Capping Machine,double sides  and wrap Labeling Machine

The piston filling machine is the most reliable, accurate and cost effective filling machine in the packaging industry. It is suitable to fill liquid and cream material such as shampoo, sauce, lubricant oil, cosmetic cream, etc. These lines of filling machine ranges from 2, 4, 6, and 12 nozzles and uses advance servo motor and servo bottom up filling system to meet your filling need.


It is the most cost-effective and complete bottling line in the packaging industry, and it consists of an automatic unscrambler, filler, capper, induction sealer, labeler, and accumulating turntable. It can be custom designed according to the packaging needs of the customer.

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