Product name:Shrink sleeve labeling machine
Model No:AXTB-100
label feed motor : Panasonic servo motor Motor drive: Panasonic driver Product electric eye: KEYENCE (Janpan ) PLC: Siemens. Touch Screen: Siemens Inverter: Siemens. Basic construction: SUS No. 304 & anodized aluminum alloy.

Product specifications

cap pressing or closing speed : 5000~6000 /  hour
applicable bottle diameter size 30mm≤D≤70                                                                                 applicable bottle height size 30mm≤D≤300
Voltage: AC380, 3 phase, 50/60HZ
Power: 1500W                                                                                                                     
Machine size 2100*1050*2000mm
Machine direction: from left to right
Operation process: Products on conveyer —>Automatic detect by sensor —> the feed feed and cut automatic —> film brushed down onto the bottle —> out bottle—>heating tunnel —>finish
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